Engenia Solutions offers educational consultancy services in designing and delivering blended learning, flipped classrooms, collaborative learning tasks, gamification, etc.
Our work is informed by cutting edge research in education.

We help our clients in designing and delivering pedagogically robust courses and programmes through our extensive experience and knowledge in education- innovation. The collection of articles in the articles page provide insights on opportunities, challenges and useful strategies in designing, developing and implementing various educational innovations.

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Blended Learning
Learning design that effectively and systematically integrates multiple delivery modes such as face-to-face, online, and mobile, across physical and virtual environments.
Flipped Classrooms
Pedagogical approach in which the typical lecture and other learning activities such as homework, simulations, and practices quizzes of a course are reversed. Leaners are required to study the content before the lecture and come prepared for the lecture. Class time is dedicated to practice, simulate, discuss, and foster collaborative learning.
Pedagogical model where the gaming attribute such as progress mechanisms, player control, scaffolded learning, immediate feedback, and opportunities for mastery are used in learning occurred in a non-gaming context such as classrooms. However, this stays in contrast to game-based learning where learners learn by actively involved in designing and creating games.
Collaborative Learning
Learning design that enables and actively encourages co-creation of knowledge and skills. Activities such as collaborative writing, group projects, joint problem solving, debates, group inquiry learning are some of the popular collaborative learning techniques.

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