Theta LMS: No one left behind

Theta LMS is a user-friendly, fully customizable Learning Management System (LMS) developed on the opensource LMS platform Moodle. This makes Theta affordable for those who need an LMS, not just for those who can spend a fortune. That is why we say with Theta "No one left behind". We strongly believe educational resources should be opened to all those who need them.

Here are some features that make Theta a best-practice LMS.

Theta is a Cloud-based product hosted on Amazon Web Services. This makes Theta so fast, reliable, and highly responsive for changing traffic.
Theta's fully customisable and user-friendly interface suit a variety of learning and teaching needs such as face to face delivery, blended learning, E-learning, and corporate training.
We have an inbuilt content library providing access to thousands of Open Educational Resource (OER) for business studies, engineering, computer science, and other natural sciences. We constantly update these libraries with new OER content.
We do not just sell an LMS. We provided total LMS implementation consultancy though our team of consultant with extensive experience in education design.

With Theta you do not just teach and learn. You can transform lives through educational innovations. Let us do it together.

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Moodle customisation

With Theta We also provide the following LMS customisation services if you already have an LMS.

Moodle theme designs to complement your corporate identity.
SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) content modules that enable swifter content transfer across multiple platforms.
Develop new plugging, improve, and integrate various existing plugging to suit your specific content delivery needs. E.g. Moodle-Zoom integration, Moodle-SharePoint integration, Moodle-Adobe integration, etc.
Moodle hosting, tech support and annual maintenance agreements.

We also maintain a large directory of Open Educational Resources (OER). Therefore, we can help you improve your access to open-source teaching and research content developed and constantly improved by some of the world’s best education providers such as OpenED, edX, SSRN, and TED.

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