Qualitative Data Analysis

At Engenia we provide qualitative data analysis solutions such as data coding & comparisons, theme development and analysis, & qualitative model building.

The qualitative research methodology is strengthened by its emphasis on the naturalistic inquiry approach, emergent design flexibility, multiple sources of data, holistic account, and the importance of participants’ view point (Creswell, 2014; Hatch, 2002; Marshall & Rossman, 2011; Patton, 2002). At Engenia our well-experienced qualitative data analysts strive to meet high levels of criticality in data analysis process. We are capable of handling both text-based data such as word documents, .pdf documents, spreadsheets as well as multimedia such as photographs, audio, and video recordings. We use QRS International NVivo software for qualitative data analysis.

At Engenia we provide the full spectrum of qualitative data analysis solutions such as data coding, theme development and thematic analysis, various data comparisons, and qualitative model building.