Engenia Solutions Privacy Policy

At Engenia Solutions, confidentiality and safety of your information and data are paramount to us. This privacy policy has been created to outline and demonstrate our commitment to protect your valuable data and information.

Policy scope and terminology
This policy outlines how Engenia Solutions collect, use, store, and discard clients’ information and data while the information and data are in Engenia’s possession. The terms ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘Engenia’ refer to Engenia Solutions. The terms ‘you’ and ‘your’ refer to persons whose personal information and data we have intentionally collected. The term ‘website’ means the website located at the URL https://engeniasolutions.com.au/

Collection, use, retention, and discard of personal information and data
Engenia Solutions is committed to keeping its clients’ personal information which we have intentionally collected, limited to their intended purposes. Therefore, they remain confidential and only accessible to Engenia Solution’s staff and representatives for the purpose of providing services and associated communications at present and in the future. It is neither our intention nor our practice to share this information with any third party without clients’ permission. Since the data provided by clients remain property of the clients, Engenia Solutions do not bear any responsibility for the authenticity, the intended use of data, ethical considerations of data sources and collection methods.

Employees and contractors
All employees and contractors working for Engenia Solutions must sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to undertaking any work from Engenia. Therefore, they explicitly agree to conform to the restrictions and conducts outlined above.

In addition to the above-mentioned restrictions and conducts, the following conditions apply to the users of this Website. You are bound by the responsibility of ensuring and conforming to all laws and regulations of the jurisdictions that you access this website. Engenia Solutions bear no responsibility under any circumstance for the consequences of the breach of any such laws or regulations.