VR/AR Learning Simulators

The latest addition to Engenia Solutions product and service portfolio is Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) education and training simulators. Our immersive 3D and VR training solutions are informed by the latest research in behavioural psychology. We use Revit Live, Maya LT and Unity 3D in the design process.

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Android, iOS and Web app development

Engenia Solutions is a mobile and web application developer specific to the education industry. Yes, the industry that we know every corner of. We develop scalable, user-friendly and responsive mobile and windows applications. Unlike other general application developers, our work is informed by the extensive knowledge and experience in educational innovations, learning to design, and behavioural and educational research. Therefore, you do not just get “an app”. Instead, you get a solution to your teaching and learning needs, delivered in the form of a mobile or web application.
Our services include,

Customised Android, iOS and Web application development
App testing
UI/ UX designing
Data migration and consultancy services

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